Night Music

Programme Note:


“I never created new theories in advance, I hated such ideas. I had, of course, a very definite feeling about certain direction to take…” - Bartók

  • What is the music of the Night?

  • How does the Night impact on my emotional state?

  • How can the dark ever-evolving landscape be translated into “Night Music”?

  • Is there a longing for sunrise?

  • Are my feelings towards the Night more of an emotional impulse to my personal life?

Rothko Room

Programme Note:


"A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience” - Mark Rothko

  • Can the experience of the Rothko Room at the Tate Modern be conveyed in music?

  • What does the two fields of colour mean in music?

  • Where does our perception of the paintings change in relation to distance?

  • Is there a structural journey within the paintings?

  • Why do these paintings in gulf ones sensory experience?

  • How can the detailed brush strokes be translated into music?


Programme Note:


"Cave is a vast cluster of cuboid voids with irregular facets, angles one to another." - Anthony Gormley


  • How do the 'Cuboid Voids' exist as a piece of music?

  • Can the consistent use of metal in the cave be translated to the musical DNA of the composition?

  • How can the music travel like the jouney through 'Cave'?

  • Does the layout of the cave have merits to be used as a structure for a musical composition?

  • Could the Piano itself relate to the materials used in 'Cave?

  • What happenns musically when the 'irregular angles' collide? 

Behind the Notes

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Photographs by Derri Joseph Lewis

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