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The Light Messenger

for Fenella Humphreys

Violin Concerto

Instrumentation,, 2Perc., Hp. Pno., solo violin, Strings


c.10 Minutes

Programme Note

Based on two opposing subject matters, the Light Messenger is a poetic description of the meaning to communicate through the sky.


The first of which is based on the Sanskrit poem ‘The Cloud Messenger’ by Kalidasa. The poem tells the story of a poet who has long been separated from his wife and who prevails upon a passing cloud to carry a message of love to her.


The other concerns Hawking radiation, where hypothetical particles are formed by a black holes boundary. This radiation implies black holes have temperatures that are inversely proportional to their mass; the smaller the black hole, the hotter it will glow. This glowing light felt like our final message in the universe - similar to the cloud in ‘The Cloud Messenger’.


The concerto goes on a journey in which the poetic lyrical message of the cloud distorts and breaks down into subsequent light particles.


Composition Insight 

The Light Messenger was written for and premiered by Fenella Humphreys, violin; Aaron Holloway-Nahum, conductor; RAM Symphony Orchestra in September 2022.

The piece currently stands as a condensed microcosm of a larger work which both Fenella and I hope to collaborate on.

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