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Disco! Disco! Good! Good?

for chamber ensemble

Instrumentation,, 2Perc., Pno., String Quintet


C.13 Minutes

Programme Note

Disco! Disco! Good! Good? is a vibrant work that celebrates the disco era and its cultural impact on music. The piece examines the shift from vinyl to tape recording technology, which revolutionised the music industry, and how it shaped the sound of disco music.

The piece pays tribute to the queer ballroom culture that emerged during the disco era, which created safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ individuals to express themselves through dance and fashion. It highlights the significance of queer communities in shaping the cultural landscape of music and its influence on society at large.

At its core, Disco! Disco! Good! Good? reflects on the fear of being discovered that many queer individuals experienced during the era. It acknowledges the bravery and resilience of those who defied societal norms and danced freely to disco.

Through its energetic rhythms and lively melodies, Disco! Disco! Good! Good? invites listeners to join in the celebration of disco music and its cultural legacy. It is a testament to the enduring power of music to connect people and bring joy to our lives.


Composition Insight 

Disco! Disco! Good! Good? started life with Geoffrey Patterson and the London Sinfonietta before being workshopped with Aaron Holloway-Nahum and the Riot Ensemble. The work was subsequently nominated for an Ivor Novello Award in the Best Chamber Ensemble Category in 2023.

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