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RSNO Composer Hub 2020:21

I am so excited to announce that I have been selected for the RSNO Composer Hub 2020:21 where I will be writing a new piece for full orchestra. The project involves a series of workshops throughout the start of 2021, working closely with a few members of the RSNO to discuss ideas and techniques to then realise them in a seven to ten-minute piece for orchestra. The scheme will culminate in a public workshop at the RSNO Centre in Glasgow, June 2021, from which one work will be chosen to be performed in the RSNO’s 2021:22 Season.


I am beyond thrilled to be working with RSNO, Composer Stuart Macrae and the whole artistic team. This is an incredible opportunity to develop my understanding of the orchestra, and create a brand new work with an incredible organisation.


"Formed in 1891 as the Scottish Orchestra, the company became the Scottish National Orchestra in 1950, and was awarded Royal Patronage in 1977. Throughout its history, the Orchestra has played an integral part in Scotland’s musical life, including performing at the opening ceremony of the Scottish Parliament building in 2004. Many renowned conductors have contributed to its success, including George Szell, Sir John Barbirolli, Walter Susskind, Sir Alexander Gibson, Neeme Järvi, Walter Weller, Alexander Lazarev and Stéphane Denève."

(RSNO, 2020)

"The Orchestra’s artistic team is led by Danish conductor Thomas Søndergård, who was appointed RSNO Music Director in 2018, having previously held the position of Principal Guest Conductor. Hong Kong-born conductor Elim Chan succeeds Søndergård as Principal Guest Conductor."


"Aimed at composers in the early stages of their career, the RSNO Composers’ Hub is a fantastic opportunity to write for orchestra in a range of different contexts, develop skills and creative relationships, as well as acquiring an understanding of the business of a major arts organisation."

(RSNO Composers' Hub, 2020)

I have been wanting to write a piece inspired by the Poem "The Cloud Messengers" by the Sanskrit poet Kālidāsa, in which an exiled yaksa, or nature spirit, persuades a passing cloud to send a love message to his wife in the distant Himalayas - juxtaposed with the concept of sounds traveling through Dark Matter in which we as humans have the capacity to communicate with other forms of life.


You can find an english translation of "The Cloud Messengers" here:



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