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Graduation from the Royal Academy of Music

I'm excited to share some awesome news – I've officially graduated from the Royal Academy of Music! It's been a crazy ride full of music, hard work, and some really cool experiences.

First things first – I have graduated my Masters in Composition with distinction! All those hours of playing around with tunes and diving deep into the world of composition really paid off. A big shout-out to my amazing mentors, Rubens Askenar and Helen Grime – their guidance and support made a world of difference.

I also secured a coveted DipRAM (Diploma of the Royal Academy of Music) for doing some outstanding work. How cool is that? It's like a bonus prize for doing something I love. It just goes to show that when you put your heart and soul into your passion, good things happen.

During my time at the Royal Academy of Music, I had the chance to collaborate with some seriously talented people. I'm talking about Fenella Humphreys, Tabea Debus, Sir Andrew Davies, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, and the Riot Ensemble. Working with them was a blast, and we made some seriously cool music together.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who's been a part of this crazy ride. To my family, friends, mentors – you've been my rock, always there to cheer me on and keep me going. This journey wouldn't have been half as fun without your support and encouragement.

As I step into this new chapter, I'm looking forward to sharing more music, more stories, and more of this incredible journey with all of you.

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